Aesthetically, I am a formalist at heart. Using reclaimed material that is often untidy and muddled in its appearance and redeeming it into a carefully crafted object is a pleasurable part of my process. At first glance my work may appear oddly familiar or utilitarian, but on closer investigation of the materials and their re-contextualization, the viewer may need to reconsider initial ideas as they discover more layers of meaning.

My artistic response to the wide range of waste material and objects found at the city dump (and beyond) has resulted in a collection of varied works. One main goal was to work more quickly, responsively, intuitively, and allow my creative desires to run their course. This direct way of working has resulted in a few fairly divergent or branching bodies of work. This might seem somewhat schizophrenic in its approach, but the process of transforming materials such as lattice, foam, bric-a-brac and the like, with an attention to details in way of form, color, patterning, and presentation, are constants that link the work together.

Over the years I have seen and had access to a wealth of refuse that seems an endless stream in our current culture. In the process I have gained a greater appreciation for conserving consumption and waste, and have found new meaning in Modernism’s adopted motto, “less is more”.